Gold Canyon

About Gold Canyon

21-year-old college student Emma Phillips jumped at the opportunity to reimagine the World’s Finest™ candle company and utilize that platform to have a positive social impact in her community. Emma is passionate about solving issues related to homelessness and food insecurity, and Gold Canyon is her vehicle to do so. “Do Good” is one of Emma's personal guiding principles, and she enjoys helping those who need it most, oftentimes doubling a recipe so she can distribute home-packaged meals to the homeless in her college community.

At Gold Canyon, we believe a successful business model creates the best platform to do good. Please help us do good and assist others with food security and shelter by supporting our current Social Impact projects. Utilizing our values of Customer Dedication, Curiosity, Courage, and Integrity, we seek to provide you with the best candles on the market while at the same time donating a portion of your purchase to an initiative or project that addresses our Social Impact focus.

As the original two-wick candle company, Gold Canyon sets the standard for clean and even burning candles of the highest quality that deliver the strongest fragrance throw in the market. Gold Canyon's scented candles, flameless products and accessories are widely recognized as The World’s Finest™ – there is simply no comparison!

Truly The World’s Finest™